Planning for your financial future and family's financial protection can be diverse and complex. We assist & advise in the development of wills and trusts to meet your specific needs.

As a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Greg's goal is to partner his training in secular law with scriptural direction to create a process in which believers & their attorneys can have confidence.

Through our understanding of the unique needs of our elderly clients, we can handle a wide range of legal matters, create necessary legal documents, and assist in other legal needs as applicable.

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Greg's extensive litigation experience involving termite and other "bug" related claims over his career has given him the nickname "Bug Lawyer".  He has presented at dozens of industry conferences & has been published in many trade journals as well.

Operating as a small boutique litigation firm, Greg is not only licensed in Florida, Alabama, & Tenneesee, but has nearly 30 years of litigation experience.

HOAs are designed to protect the value of your property. Greg works with both the developers and homeowners to help resolve any disputes that arise.

​The goal of any business is to be successful, and the businesses world requires planning and careful attention to detail. We serve as general counsel to a wide variety of businesses and help handle matters unique to each.

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Mediation is the ideal means for resolving conflicts, no matter the size or dispute. We offer the opportunity to solve your dispute in a prompt, cost effective, and professional environment.

Using Family Mediation services can result in sound decision-making, lessening resentment, greater understanding, improved communication, and transformation of relationships.

Are you faced with the overwhelming physical, financial, and emotional demands of an aging parent? In the face of these challenges, dignified communication between family members can be difficult.

Estate planning mediation is an excellent method to clarify the underlying needs, interests, and motivations of parents and other elders at the end of their lives and their adult children and other heirs.

Jesus knew that we would not always be able to resolve our disputes -- so He gave us a path. A Christian mediator depends entirely on Christ and respects the role of the church in order to help people.

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Greg Crosslin

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Claudia Crowe

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