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For many, pets are like members of family. My daughter is a Veterinarian, we have rescue dogs and many of my family members, friends and clients have multiple pets. They are considered more like family than pets. Legally, Florida recognizes pets to be considered as property that you own. The common question I receive is “what do I do with my pet if I should pass first?”

While some of us can count on friends and family to take care of our pets in the event of an emergency or on a holiday weekend, these are all unenforceable agreements that we may enter into.

There is, however, something you can do to take care of your pet(s) after you have passed. A Pet Trust is a legal document which allows pet owners to set up a Trust to take care of their pets to provide for their pets in the event that the owner becomes incapacitated or passes. This can include housing, veterinary care, and other care that your pet may need until your pet passes. Unlike a Will directive, which is not enforceable, a Pet Trust is enforceable, and it carries out the wishes of the owner of the pet to make sure that the pet is provided for throughout its life.

If you are in a situation where you believe that a Pet Trust is important for you, please know there is a legal way in which you can lawfully and properly take care of your pet after you pass.


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