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Updated: Jan 19


One of the first things Adam talked about is the fact that you must have rest in-between repetition. Muscles will not grow if you push them without breaks. Businesses are the same. This applies not only for you as the owner but also for your supervisors, managers, office staff and employees as well. Recharged muscles work better than those that are always overloaded and overtaxed. Athletes take time away from training to test their training and to make it stronger by feeding "downtime." A business is no different. When was the last time you took a meaningful vacation? When was the last time one of your staff members, supervisors, or an office assistant was given a little extra "off time," a longer lunch or the afternoon off to be with the kids at a special event? Important muscles need to rest, so do people!


We have all heard the adage “no pain, no gain.” The same applies to businesses and specifically small, closely held companies, as well. We should plan to meet resistance along the way, as employees tend to get into a habit, pattern and practice of doing things a certain way and have a resistance to change. So do customers. Not that all change is appropriate or necessary, but there are times when we just have to move forward, especially as technology, new products and techniques pave the way toward greater efficiency and progress. Employees are often resistant to change especially when it affects their day-to-day operations or routine. Customers can be the same. Oftentimes, customers are resistant to change, especially when it affects their costs. We have to educate them as to why changes are necessary and show them how it benefits the same. Oftentimes we have to feel a bit of the "burn" after exercising our practices, but if we do it right, this is the evidence that we are properly growing.

As we vary our routines and our patterns, practices and plans, as we grow them and develop them, and as we grow and develop our employees and our customers along the way, we find, just like in the gym, we get stronger, more resilient and better prepared to handle the challenges that are thrown at us. Treat business like it is a workout, both mentally and fiscally and see the difference!

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