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Updated: Jan 19

My new son-in-law Adam, in addition to being a police officer, is a licensed certified personal trainer. He spent four years in college pursuing the degree, attending physiology classes, medical classes, biology classes and many labs learning how each independent muscle group, and body part worked individually, in groups and with others, as part of systems, and in the overall functioning of the body. I have been fascinated to listen to some of his stories about how he has not only helped individual athletes, but has also helped persons recuperating from injuries and illnesses, and helping amputees, disabled veterans, and a wide range of other individuals. Recently, I was listening to one of his success stories and it dawned on me that many of the lessons learned at his gym also apply to basic business operations. Solomon once said, “there is nothing new under the sun,” so it is easy to see that a serious fitness plan for the individual mimics a serious fitness plan for any business. Thus, the following are lessons that not only help you get fit physically, but fiscally, financially and business fit as well.


My son-in-law, as well as every other fitness instructor I have ever talked to, has told me that you can never be “truly fit” if you do not pay attention to your abdominal muscles. A healthy core is the foundation of a good physique and the same is true for any business. So question number one is, are your core exercises in place? Are they being followed-daily? Do you do what you do well or do you just walk through the motions? What does your "gut" tell you about your business? Is it firm and strong or weak and flabby? Do employees know (and you can bet your bottom dollar at some point in time your customers will know) if you are strong or flabby in what you do.

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