Can I let others use the NFA weapons in my gun trust?

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Gun trusts are perhaps one of the most unique and interesting legal documents ever created. The question is whether other people can use your items whether be weapons, silencers, or the like in your trust, depends. If you’re, for instance, in a shooting range and you're in close proximity is someone who is not a co-trustee with you, you can allow them to use your weapons or other items if they are next to you or very close to you.

However, you can’t give someone else permission just by either writing a permission slip or verbal permission to use your items. You have to be there with them. You can, however, if you have a gun trust, have a co-trustee, and as long as that co-trustee is identified in the gun trust, that co-trustee has every right to use the weapons when you are not present.

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