What is Christian Mediation?


Jesus knew that we would not always be able to resolve our disputes with others. So He gave us a path. He said, "But if (your brother) will not listen, take one or two others along, so that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses" (Matthew 18:16). Thus, the use of mediators has its roots in Biblical doctrine.

The biblical support for conflict resolution is clear. Paul admonishes those living in Corinth to settle their disputes among themselves - not to seek the secular courts to settle an issue among brothers and sisters in Christ. "If anyone of us has a dispute with another, dare we take it before the ungodly for judgement instead of before the saints? (1 Cor 6:1). Faith based mediation is an alternative for those seeking conflict resolution. Matthew 18:15-20 instructs that we are to resolve our disputes with the assistance of other Christians.

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Not like a coach, only working with one side, a mediator works with all sides to help them move toward their own, voluntary agreement.

A Christian mediator should be prepared to play a number of roles, including prayer supporter, teacher, encourager, and exhorter.

A Christian mediator depends entirely on Christ and respects the role of the church in order to help people with the entirety of their conflicts.

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Conflicts in churches or other religious institutions is inevitable because religious organizations are made up of men and women who bring their emotions, personalities, and opinions with them to church. We are dedicated to providing biblically based conflict resolution services to Christian Churches and their members. As a mediator and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Greg's goal is to partner his training in secular law with scriptural direction to create a process in which believers and their attorneys can have confidence.

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Provides timely and cost effective resolution.

Allows parties to express interest, not just personal positions, so that all can collaborate towards a positive outcome.

Allows relationships to be maintained; people can be separated from the problem.

Provides confidentiality, thus allowing parties to work towards resolution while maintaining dignity, respect, and privacy.

​ Provides flexibility to meet the needs of parties in various conflict scenarios.

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What role does a Christian mediator play in conflict resolution?

Intercessor, convener, facilitator of communication and understanding, trust builder, resource expander, generator of alternatives, reality tester, encourager, and closer.

What types of disputes can be resolved through Christian mediation?

Christian mediation has been used to resolve a whole spectrum of disputes including contract issues, employment matters, personal injuries, landlord/tenant, real estate, creditor/debtor, and church splits jsut to name a few. Because Christian mediation is based on God's word, it can be used in every type of conflict.

Can Christian mediation be used even after a lawsuit is filed?

Absolutely, yes. As long as the parties are willing, mediation is always an option.

Is Christian mediation open to non-Christians?

Yes. Mediation can be a useful problem solver for people who are not professing Christians.

What are the benefits of Christian mediation?

Christian mediation encourages real conciliation, forgiveness, and reconciliation, which can preserve relationships. Christian mediation helps participants to identify root problems and to make changes in their lives so they will experience less conflict and have healthier relationships. It doesn't just look back at an issue, but looks forward to the future. It promotes biblical values, and it provides a positive witness that allows Christians to show through their actions their believe in Jesus Christ and their trust in His teachings.

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